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Work, work, work...

Seems that's all I've been able to do the past two weeks. Not online as much, because once I get home, I'm too achy and tired to even think of sitting in front of the computer for any length of time. Got a little "free" time this morning, since I got Andrew on the school bus, and today, I work the 10am-7pm shift (have to be there in about 2½ hours). Trying to get a coupla loads of laundry done in the meantime, both Andrew and I are nearly out of things to wear. Dishes desperately need washing, but I'm not farking with them until Saturday (supposed to be off that day).

Also this morning, after 8am, I need to call BellSouth AT&T internet services, to place an order for a "real" (ethernet) modem. Got my federal tax refund Monday, and planning on buying myself a new (and better) PC next Friday (my next off-day after Saturday). Already promised Andrew he could have this old one for his room (after I reformat it), and I'll need a new modem to set up the "network". Two reasons I can't use the current DSL modem in this set-up... haven't seen a single router at any store in town that works with a "USB only" modem (still using the Alcatel Speedtouch USB BellSouth first sent me in 2002 when I got DSL), and, according to my online research, there are currently no drivers for this modem available for Vista anyway (which will be what the new computer will come loaded with).

Well, end of post... need to finish up the laundry and try to catch up as much as possible with some of my favorite online forums...
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