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Blasts from the past...

Got a message via AIM yesterday afternoon from someone that had seen my website. They asked if I went to school with "Tara Smith" back in the day. I said, yes, I remembered her. They said she was now living in Texas, and had lost all her posessions in a tornado a while back, and if I might have a yearbook photo of her. I went to my yearbooks, and found her in one, so I scanned the page and sent the person the file. They said they were going to surprise her with it on her birthday. I don't mind doing small favors for people if I can.

Only thing, I didn't do much inquiring of the person I chatted with (was listening to Leo Laporte's radio show at the time, and was trying to keep up with the tech chat and the open Trillian AIM window at the same time), so I have no clue if I might have went to school with that person also or not. They said they were located in New Jersey.

In other news, resting as much as I can before having to return to work tomorrow at 11am... I know I'm working Monday-Friday, but no clue yet what days I'm working after that. Hopefully they'll have my next week schedule tomorrow...
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