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First Day Back At Work

Well, not technically "work" so to speak, even though I was on the clock for the day. Went in at 11am, did some more paperwork, got my new name tag (had to turn in the old one when I first worked there), watched some training and safety videos, and started my CBL's (tests about different aspects of working there that you do on the computer). Haven't made it out on the parking lot yet to do what they hired me for yet.

I go in tomorrow at 2pm to continue the CBL's, then again Monday at 9:30am. Gonna have quite a "turnover" between Sunday and Monday... scheduled to leave tomorrow night at 11pm, then back relatively early Monday morning...

Larry put off coming to pick up Andrew for a couple of days until Monday, since Andrew is out of school Monday and Tuesday (Monday is "Presidents Day", and Tuesday school is out for "teacher's meetings"). Glad my mom is home till Tuesday at least... she was off today since Monday is her regular day off from the post office, and it's a holiday the post office doesn't work, so she got Saturday off, and is taking Tuesday off because she just felt she needed an extra day off...
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