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Certified Mail

Got a certified letter yesterday from the Postal Service personnel services. I guess I need to write them a letter explaining things:

"On PS Form 2591-Application for Employment, Section E-Other Information, you responded "No" to #4 which asks, "Have you ever been fired from any job for any reason". In your past employers you indicate that your reason for leaving was "Involuntary Termination, remodel was completed".

To enable us to properly and thoroughly evaluate your application, please provide specific information to clarify the circumstances related to this employment."

Well, I was telling the truth. I wasn't "fired" from Wal-Mart after the remodel last year, I was just "let go", which Wal-Mart listed as "Involuntary Termination", but I was listed as "Eligible for Rehire", which I'm slowly in the process of being rehired there now (if they ever get my job credit sheet straightened out). If Wal-Mart doesn't call me back by noon on Monday, I'll be going there to see what the problem is, and while there, maybe get a statement from them that I can send to the postal service, to explain things.

Now, I'm getting ready to listen to Leo Laporte's tech radio show, which starts in a little over an hour...
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