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The Evening So Far

I've watched the rest of disc three of season one of "Get Smart", and the rest of the "Our Gang"(Little Rascals) shorts on one of those budget $1 DVD's I bought at Walgreens recently. The last silent short reminded me of the late 1970's, when we had an old 8mm movie projector, and I'd check some old films out of the local library from time to time. I'd set up the screen, my dad would thread the projector, and we'd watch the old silent movies. Main reason that last short on the disc reminded me of that, all the 8mm silent films the library lent out were released by a company called "Blackhawk Films", and that one had the Blackhawk logo on it.

During this time, Andrew was in his room playing his "Grand Theft Auto" game. He doesn't care to watch much stuff "older than he is". He did come in the living room long enough to ask what a "prostitute" was... so I had to explain it to him.

Also, he stole my chair when I got up...
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