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My son has already managed to piss me off this morning. Before I got out of the shower, there was a loud knock at the door. It was a sheriff's deputy. He asked was everything okay, because they received a 911 call from this address. I confronted Andrew about it, he said he "guessed" he "accidentally" hit number three on his phone's memory feature instead of number one. He said number three he had 911 programmed in, and number one is his grandmother next door. I told him there is no reason whatsoever to have 911 programmed on speed dial (the number is short enough to dial quickly), and I ordered him to erase the number immediately. Also, I informed him if it happened again, I'm taking the phone out of his room, and he'd only be able to use a phone when I say he can!

In other news, I'm getting sick of this rain. It's been coming down all weekend!
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