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Long Time, No Update...

Attended another I.E.P. meeting at the school this morning. Mostly the same people were in attendance this time as the previous time. They updated me on Andrew's progress since the last meeting. Apparently, there has been a huge improvement in the behavior level since the doctor at Cognitive Development started him on the Adderall. However, he is still a little "fidgety" in class, having trouble sitting "still". Also, he can read well, but has trouble understanding what he reads, and his math skills are at a third grade level. They said he gets along better with the teachers than the other students in the class, so he needs to work on his "social skills". His grades are improving also. Report cards don't actually come out until Tuesday, but they showed me a copy of his... he has 5 "A's" on it (my mom might start regretting the deal she made with him at the start of the school year...$5.00 for every "A" he gets...she was out $30 last time).

Still patiently waiting for season one of "Get Smart" to arrive in the mail. It was shipped out on the 4th, after being on backorder a few weeks. While Andrew and I were at Walgreens getting his prescription Tuesday, I found a bin with some $1 DVD's in it, wound up buying 5. Got Milton Berle, Jack Benny, one double feature with some "Little Rascals" shorts and the Buster Keaton movie "College", A disc of some early 1930's Bing Crosby shorts, and a Bela Lugosi double feature including "The Devil Bat" and "The Phantom Creeps". I was a bit surprised that on the Jack Benny disc, the musical guest was "The Beach Boys", and they left both songs intact, which I thought was a "No-No" on public domain releases...
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