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Just got into a big arguement with Andrew. He came in here saying he needed to call Sony about his PS2, because he tried to play a DVD on the machine, and it said something about needing a code to "unlock" the parental controls, and he needed to get the code from them. I told him that no DVD player comes preset from the factory with parental controls already set, they leave that to the parents. He kept insisting "Well, this one did!". He obviously did something to the settings at some point after getting the thing for his birthday, and forgot about it (he can barely remember one second to the next, and I vaguely remember him saying "something" about parental controls on something in his room a few weeks ago). He says he didn't, but if some rating has been locked out, there is no other way it could have happened, since I haven't even touched the thing since he got it.
Since he already has a seperate DVD player in his room, I told him to not worry about it. Just use the PS2 for playing games (so far every game has worked in it), and use the stand-alone DVD player for his movies. He still kept nagging about wanting to play DVDs in the game machine. I finally got tired of his constant nagging about the damn thing, and told him if he didn't shut up about it, I was going to box the machine up, and take it back to the store and get my money back! He's now in his room crying...

UPDATE: After a friend sent a message with links to a couple of online articles, and trying the things in those articles, we determined it wasn't "parental settings" after all. There's apparently a flaw in the "Van Helsing" DVD he was trying to play. We put in an R-rated DVD, no prompt. Put in another PG-13, again no prompt. THEN, Andrew tells me, when he was living with his mother, they had the same DVD, and it did the same thing in her PS2 (WHY he didn't tell me that earlier, I have no clue!). Guess it's Universal and their craptacular disc quality showing its ugly head again...

/have had more problems with Universal DVD's than any other studio...
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