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New Years Day Randomness...

Argh... looks like Charlie Ergen is playing "hardball" with the programmers again, this time with a channel I watch regularly... CourtTV. Happens every time a programmer asks Dish Network for more money for a channel than he thinks they should. I still side with Charlie on this, he usually wins out in the end, like he did with the Viacom networks a few years back, but I'm gonna miss my Catherine Crier and Dayle Hinman "fixes" in the meantime.

In other news, here's a lame "computer cam" pic of what the sunset looks like out of my computer room window:

And here's a pic of "Eastwood" looking out of my computer room window:

And here's a pic the new Firefox browser logo, which is a bit more "interesting" than the old one:

Okay, I've been in front of the 'puter a bit long today... going to go to the living room and watch some more of the "Saturday Night Live" DVD set I got for Xmas...
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