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Hikers, Ex-Wife, and other ramblings...

Gettin' a little tired of hearing about the search for those three two Mt. Hood Oregon mountain hikers, so keeping my TV off the news channels more than usual. I just don't have much sympathy for people that do things that are extremely dangerous just for the "fun of it". They should know there's a high chance they will end up looking like this:

In other news, the ex finally called and talked to Andrew awhile yesterday evening around 8:00pm. I let him pick up the phone when I saw "Baton Rouge,LA" on the caller-ID, because I have nothing to say to that woman. He said she asked how he was doing, if he liked it here, etc. He said he told her he likes it better here (I'm sure that was a knock to her ego right there), and told her about all the "toys" he's gotten while here. She also let him talk to his half-brother and half-sister, even though he's told me that he didn't really get along well with the half-brother. Andrew told me after the call that he "thinks" his mom might have married again, because when he told her that it was just him, me, and a "fat cat" living here in this house, she replied that currently where she lives, there was her, his half-brother and half-sister, and some male name that he couldn't remember, that wasn't there at the time she left him at that behavioral hospital back in May. My guess is she is probably just "shacking up".

Also, on Saturday, Andrew was digging through an old roll-top desk my uncle aquired from a person he knows while helping the person move, and my uncle is "storing" here under my carport until he can find somewhere to put it, and found some money in the back of one of the drawers. He found a $20 bill, a $1, a mess of change, and "part" of a $100 bill. Did some research online, and from my understanding, if obviously over "fifty percent" of the bill is intact, you should be able to take it to a bank and get it reimbursed for a full bill. Later today, before Andrew gets home, I may run it up to Capital One, and see what they say. Looks like over 50% to me...

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