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Late yesterday afternoon, a counselor from Cognitive Development Center dropped by unexpectedly to ask Andrew and I a few questions. He started with Andrew alone, and asked him about his time living with his mother, about friends, school, etc., then asked me questions about how Andrew was doing here and at school. I told him Andrew has had a dramatic improvement at school since starting the medication, and I never really had any problems with him here at the house before then, apart from trying to get him to keep his room clean, shower and brush his teeth nightly, etc.

Kind of wished I'd had some "notice" someone might be showing up though. I was in here in front of this computer, reading TotalFark, and had already gotten comfortable for the evening... only a pair of athletic shorts on. Andrew let him in and showed him to the computer room. I was a bit taken aback.... you normally wouldn't expect someone like that at nearly 5:30pm on a Sunday afternoon!
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