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I don't give up easy, I guess...

Just spent a "gignormous" amount of time making another attempt at burning a dual-layered DVD. As you may remember in a previous post, my first attempts, using the software that came with the DVD burner were "less than spectacular" to say the least. Well, I used the full version of "Nero" this time, and the pop-up at the end said that the disc was burned successfully, which my previous attempts never said. I now supposidly have right close to four hours of "high quality" video on this DVD... going to take it in the living room to try it out shortly on the big TV. Hopefully I won't wind up with another approximately $3.50 "coaster".

This will be an "interesting" DVD to drag out around the holidays if it works, however. I put eight sitcom episodes on it with Christmas themes. The episodes are:

1] The Honeymooners: "Twas The Night Before Christmas"
2] Bewitched: "A Vision of Sugar Plums"
3] Gilligan's Island: "Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk"
4] All In The Family: "Christmas With The Bunkers"
5] Sanford & Son: "Ebenezer Sanford"
6] Are You Being Served?: "The Father Christmas Affair"
7] Three's Company: "Three's Christmas"
8] Bottom: "Holy"

I'll update later as to if the burn was successful or not...

UPDATE: Guess what... expensive coaster... darn thing kept freezing up... only "single layer" DVD's from now on...
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