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Update from previous post

Andrew's appointment went well, and rather swiftly compared to last time... we were out of there by about 2:15. Since the doctor got good reports of his behavior and grades at school, she "re-upped" his prescription for another month. He doesn't have to go back until January 9th. At Walgreens though, I was informed that technically they are only allowed to refill that medication every 28 days, and this was 27 days. The pharmacist went ahead and did the refill though, which I was glad of, otherwise, after the nearly 45 minute wait, I would have had to go back by there tomorrow to pick it up.

In other news, a random observation... local weather girl Ayna Sehgal has a big booty...

/likes big booties and he can not lie...
Tags: booty, doctor, life, son, television

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