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Relatively Short School Week

Andrew will be having a "shorter than usual" week at school this week. He has an appointment with the psychiatrist this afternoon, but since it isn't until 1:30, I'm sending him to school for half the day, can't see him missing a FULL day for an appointment so late in the day. I'll go pick him up from school around 12:15 and we'll go on over to "Cognitive Development Center". Really hoping the doctor re-ups his prescription, because the Adderall really seems to be helping his attention span and behavior at school. He's down to his last four capsules as of this morning.

He will be out of school all day Friday. There is a "teachers meeting" for the parish school system, so all of the kids will have an "extended weekend" as a result.

In other news, I haven't been sleeping worth a darn the past three nights, and it is seriously catching up with me. Not sure if it's the full moon or what...
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