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Call From Ex, Good Reports From School, Lectures, DVD Burning

My mom received a call from the ex-wife yesterday. She finally decided to call and ask how he is doing. Apparently she knows better than to call me, because I'd give her an "ear full". She told my mom to tell Andrew to be expecting a call from her this Saturday afternoon around 5:00 or so, I guess since it's his birthday. So, when my phone rings, and the caller-ID says "Baton Rouge, LA", I'm going to let him answer the phone.

He's getting two gifts for his birthday from my mother and I... A Playstation 2 that he's been wanting, and a pellet rifle with a target, that he can shoot in the back yard.

Got a call yesterday afternoon from Anna Pardue, the school psychologist. Every time I see "Ouachita Parish" on the caller-ID, I always tend to think, "Oh no...what's he done this time?". It was good news though. He's doing better in his classes, paying attention, not getting in trouble. She is still evaluating him though, and asked me a few questions about how he acts here at home. I really think the Adderall is helping. The psychologist also alerted me to a lecture about parenting by a "well known" psychologist that will be taking place in January. I told her to put me down for it. She said she was going to go to it also, since she's a parent, so at least there'll be someone I know there.

Yesterday, I also transferred three more old VHS tapes to DVD. I was going to put all three on one dual-layer disc, since they would fit in a 4-hour time span, but for some reason, I couldn't get NeroVision Express (the software that came with the burner) to record to a dual-layer disc. Only wants to work with single layered ones, so I just went ahead and used three single layer discs instead. It was my first time trying to use a dual-layer disc, and after trying to get it to work for over three hours, probably my last time trying to use one. I checked, and there were no updates to the firmware for the burner, and no updates for NeroVision Express either. I couldn't even get my Roxio Easy Media Creator to burn a disc!
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