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Kids... and One Week Extra For LJ Paid Members...

This morning, I reminded my son an HOUR before time for him to have to go outside to wait for the school bus, to make sure he had everything in one place that he needed to carry to school with him, which includes his backpack, binder, and glasses (always having to remind him about those glasses). Well, five minutes to 7am, the time he needs to be outside at the end of the driveway to wait on the bus... I ask him as he's exiting his room, "Do you have everything?". He replied, "Yes." I answered, "Where are your glasses?" He said "They're on the night table.".

Well, guess what, they weren't. We both made a fast sweep of the room, and no glasses anywhere to be seen, all the while he kept insisting, "I know I put them on the night table yesterday!". I kept telling him that they couldn't have grown legs and walked away. Anywho, I sent him on out to catch the bus, then continued searching the house. Still no sign of them. I have a key to my mom's house next door (he went over there for a while yesterday), so I let myself in and looked over there. No glasses to be seen, so I come back to the house and continue searching.

A few minutes later, the phone rings. It was Andrew calling from the school using his homeroom teachers phone. He said when he got on the bus this morning, his bus driver handed his glasses to him. He left them on the bus yesterday! Geesh!

In other news, if you have a paid LiveJournal account, due to the "outage" last week, you can get a free one week added to your account. Details are here. You only have until November 20th to claim it.
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