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From the "Let Me Embarrass My Family" Dept.

On September 12, 1992, my mom arranged a bit of a "family reunion" for most of the relatives on her side of the family. Quite a lot of the evening I captured on video. This was late afternoon, not everyone had shown up yet. My mom had already had a few "12 Year Old Old Charter's" and Cokes, and it really shows here in this video. Also in this short segment from the tape is my Uncle Bill LaComb and his then wife Brenda, my cousin Terri and her husband Allen, my cousin Blake, my mom's boyfriend at the time Larry Cole, old high school friend Paul Morrison (who offered to cook BBQ for us), and my late grandmother Cindy LaComb (my mom's mother)...
*Contains Some "Adult" Language*
Tags: family, friends, life, reunions

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