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Cognitive Development Visit

Just got home from taking Andrew for his visit with a new psychiatrist, a Dr. Jones, at Cognitive Development Center. We sat in the waiting room longer than I thought we would. Appointment was for 12 noon, we got back to see the doctor around 2:10pm. She had looked over the records they had gotten from the school, Lillian Louise Behavioral Health Hospital, and Monroe Mental Health, asked several questions of me and him, and decided to start him out taking a medicine called "Adderall", he takes one every morning.

He goes back to school in the morning. The councelor at Cognitive said she would contact the school to let them know he has been seen by the doctor, and also gave a writtten excuse to give to the school for this day he was out. Hopefully he'll start to get straightened out... if not, I'm out of ideas. He has another appointment for the 21st.

Enough typing for now... I'm STARVING... we just got back, and I didn't eat before we left...
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