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Highly Pissed Off

Just went to pick Andrew up from school again. He was being disruptive. The councelor that handles the suspensions wasn't there today, so until I know what they plan to do with him, guess I'll keep him here. He has an appointment Wednesday afternoon with a new psychiatrist. Hopefully this new one will be able to do something. I'm getting so fed up with the kid it's not even funny. Really wish his mom had kept him. I've tried all I know myself. I currently have him in his room under orders he's not to come out unless he gets hungry/thirsty, or has to go to the bathroom. From the previous suspensions, I've already removed ALL the electronic gadgets from his room, including the television. He's going to stay there at least through his appointment day after tomorrow, whether he likes it or not!

I also wrote a note, at the suggestion of the teacher that called me this morning, giving the school permission to restrain/discipline him if they need to. I'm to the point, if he causes me any trouble here at home, my belt is coming off...
Tags: life, school, son

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