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Stressed AND Pissed Off

Had to go get Andrew from school again today. He's suspended two more days for bad behavior. The councelor said one more time after this, they will call in a discipline officer, and will probably be sent to an "expultionary school". I took the added step today of removing both the satellite receiver and the television from his bedroom. He'll just have to sit in there and think over the actions that have lead to this. From the "Disciplenary Actions and Suspension" papers I got handed today:

"Andrew has been sent to my office twice today for being disruptive, disrespectful, making farting noices, passing gas in class, arguing with teachers,willful disobedience. While working in my office continued to be argumenative and making noises. One teacher told him to go to office and he refused to go. Teacher told him he'd have someone escort him, then he came on his own."

Truthfully, I'm almost to the breaking point with this kid. I even called the state last time he was suspended to see if it'd be possible to hand him over to state custody. They said if I did, I'd be charged with "child abandonment", so I nixed that idea completely. My mom is getting to the breaking point herself, agreeing with what I tried to do that last time. At first, the councelor at the school today suggested maybe I should keep him out until his first appointment with the new psychiatrist, until she found out it wasn't until next Wednesday, the 8th of November.

I've made the decision that IF by some remote chance the ex were to show up wanting him back, I'm handing him back over to her. I'd rather go back to paying child support than deal with all this bullshit.
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