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Went "overboard" today... but you only live once...

Today, I finally invested in a DVD burner for this ol' Compaq Presario. Bought an internal HP dvd840 and installed it (first time installing anything like that, only installed a modem, RAM, and a sound card in the past). The 'puter only came with a CD-ROM and a seperate CD-RW drive (took out the CD-ROM, left in the CD-RW drive). Also bought an external USB device made by ADS to get video into the 'puter... because there are a lot of old VHS tapes I have that may never be released on DVD, and I want to preserve them as long as possible. My first "experiment" today was the five episodes I recorded off of "Showtime" back in the late 1980's of "It's Garry Shandling's Show". Never made an actual DVD in my life before, and haven't yet taken it to the living room to see how it looks on the 27" Sony. The Nero software that came with the burner says it burned successfully... I'm going to find out in a few minutes...

Oh, and there was enough dust in the computer case to grow taters... good thing I went in there I guess!
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