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Another Appointment

Mrs. Pardue, the school psychologist, called earlier to say she has set Andrew up for an appointment at "Cognitive Development Center" over in Monroe for next Thursday at 9:00am. He'll be talking to a counsellor there first, then two weeks later he has an appointment at the same place to talk to a psychiatrist. They also have someone at that place that can come to the house a couple of times a week in the afternoon to talk to him. Doing my best to try and get the years of "damage" inflicted on him by my ex-wife straightened out. My stress level is around 1000%...

Also, I found out, that if that "Lillian Louise Behavioral Hospital" in Bastrop that had him for the month of May had done like they were supposed to do, and contacted the state themselves that the ex had "refused" to come pick him up, she would have officially been charged with "child abandonment" by now. As a result, I'm now quite pissed at that hospital... would have "made my year" to hear they locked the bitch up!
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