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Had to go pick Andrew up from school again today. He hasn't been suspended again (thank goodness!), but he got sent to the principal's office four times. I'm in the process of trying to get him some behavioral medications, because talking to him, taking things from him, have no effect at all. The school psychologist says in her mind, there is no doubt he is suffering from ADHD. I've left a message with Dr.Zetner's assistant (at Monroe Mental Health) along with Anna Pardue's (school psycologist) phone number, and when the doctor comes in Thursday, she will consult with him on it. The assistant said I could get his pediatrician to prescribe something, but since his "primary care physician" is at the E.A. Conway Hospital (state run), it'd probably be Thursday or later before I could get him in there anyway, since they wouldn't consider it an "emergency", so might as well wait for Dr. Zetner.

In other news... BellSouth DSL service experienced some kind of MAJOR "outage" starting last night, that lasted nearly 12 hours, and covered their entire nine-state coverage area. They still haven't said what caused the outage, but the forums were loaded with messages by people PO'ed at BellSouth, because not only was their connections down, but also,, all email services (including web based) and newsgroups weren't working. One guy on the forums was mad because, "the email has been out for over 7 hours, and I rely on email for my business, I'm losing money!". My first thought, "What an idiot!". Reason I thought that was because even I know not to ever rely on BellSouth's email for important stuff... it goes "down" more often than a cheap hooker. I use my paid Yahoo account as my primary email.
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