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Old CD Backups

Earlier this morning, after finding about four CD's of stuff from my old computer, I was curious what was on them. Couldn't get this computer to read them however. After a quick "Google" search, I found out I needed to download a UDF reader. Got the UDF reader installed, and suddenly my earlier "computing" days passed right before my eyes! Images I had completely forgotten about, some dating back to around 2000, were on those discs. Quite a few early attempts at "photoshopping", pictures of some folks I used to chat with occassionally on the "Camarades" site, and numerous pictures of a few of my current and a few former LiveJournal friends... some in various states of "undress". So, I took all those old pictures, and put them on another CD, which I "finalized" this time.

Not going to mention any names, don't worry. Those photos are safe with me!
Tags: computers, internet, livejournal

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