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Yes, we live on a "dangerous" road...

At least once a year, someone who doesn't know how to drive has an accident on the stretch of the road in front of my house and my mom's house. Today was no exception. A young blonde girl, maybe between 18-22 years of age, lost control of her Nissan SUV (actually, she told the deputy it belongs to her boyfriend), and wound up in the ditch just past my moms trailer, right after "taking out" my moms mailbox:

EDIT: Photos should be showing up now. Originally tried uploading them with LiveJournal's "Scrapbook" feature, but apparently that sucks donkey nuts...

My mom and Andrew heading out to the scene.

Someone driving by checks on what happened. The girl by the vehicle is the one who was driving. She was badly shaken, but not badly injured, even though the deputy told us her airbag didn't deploy.

Sheriff's deputy and ambulance show up.

Two Ouachita Parish Fire Department trucks show up.

Now, I heard the girl tell whoever she was talking to on her cell phone before the sheriff's deputy arrived, "I wasn't driving fast, I swear!". Now... I ask you. Look at the mailbox. It was on a thick pole planted deep in the ground. Now... look how the vehicle ended up several feet away. Wouldn't you think she HAD to be going faster than the 35MPH posted speed limit??

My guess is, she was probably like so many other people I've ran across in the last few years... she was so busy yapping on the cell phone, she wasn't paying attention to the road!
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