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Good Day, Bad Day... MOSTLY Bad....

After going over to Willstaff this morning to see if they had anything available for me yet, I stopped by "Fred's" to get some coffee filters, and they had none. The manager said that none came in on their supply truck. So... I went to the nearest grocery store (too small to be called a "supermarket") and found what I needed.
Then, I came home, fixed a late breakfast consisting of a heaping plate of bacon with eggs and cheese. After finishing that, I washed a few dishes and started the laundry.
First load of laundry consisted of clothes, followed by a load of bath towels, then the bed linens. After the bed linens had been in the dryer for an hour, I went out to get them. The timer was off, yet they were still mostly damp. I thought, "No problem, I'll just time them a little longer. So... I turned it back on for a few minutes, but something just didn't sound quite "right". I opened the door to the dryer while it was still on, and the tumbler wasn't spinning. Turned it back off, back on... same result. Heat was coming from the vent in the rear of the tumbler as it should, the motor sounded like it was running, but no "tumbling" whatsoever. Took the bed linens out, brought them next door to my moms, and finished drying them there. Only thing both my mom and I could figure was, time for a new dryer. Will probably get one within the next couple of days.

This afternoon, I get a call from the school. Andrew threw another temper tandrum, and threatened to punch a teachers aide in the face. Had to go pick him up. The assistant principal said normally they expell for threats like that, but he wasn't going to do that this time. Instead, Andrew can't go back to school until Friday morning. I've banned him another month from his 4-wheeler, and taken away his Gamecube for a month also as a result.

On the "good" side, Andrew got his report card today and did fairly good. He got "A's" in Vocational Awareness, Math, Home Economics, P.E., Science, and Social Studies, and "C's" in English and Language Arts, which gives him a 3.5 grade point average. My mom and I have noticed he's a bright kid, but he still occassionally has the behavioral problems, which we blame mostly on the neglect he probably got while living with the ex-biatch.
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