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Andrew's Follow-Up

This morning Andrew goes for his follow-up exam about the sinus infection he was discovered with a couple of weeks ago. Also, that doctor scheduled an appointment with a psychologist for Andrew in another building at the hospital for this morning, which I attend myself first, and Andrew will be set up at a later date. Being his medical appointment is for 8:40am and the appointment I attend alone before he goes with me is at 10:30am, since my mom is off work today, she is taking him for the first appointment (because the two could wind up "overlapping", since those appointments are NEVER on time, and knowing how easily distracted Andrew is, if I had to leave him alone, he'd probably miss his appointment). If he finishes his appointment early enough, mom will drop him off at the school, so he doesn't miss the full day. I'll be heading out for my appointment a little later this morning.
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