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Still Feeling Crappy, But...

I'm keeping my son out of school today for his two appointments over at Conway Hospital. The first, at 8:20am is for his eye exam, to see about getting him some glasses (since I found out just recently he had some, but the ex didn't send them), and the second, at 9:20am (will probably be later, knowing Conway), for a check-up about the asthma attack he had on Labor Day afternoon. Need to get the eye doctor there to fill out a paper the school sent to me, confirming his eyes have been examined. Also need to ask the pediatritian to make an extra prescription for the Albuterol inhaler, so he can have one at the school in case of emergencies as suggested by the school psychologist). I don't really expect to get back home till after noon, if I do, it'll surprise me!
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