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Leaky Roof Update

The person I called the other day to check on my leaky roof problem said he'd try to make it out here sometime yesterday morning to take a look at it. Well, I put my plans for the day on hold, and waited. And waited. And waited. He finally made it here a little after 5pm yesterday afternoon. Anywho, he comes inside so I can show him where the drips were occuring, then goes outside and climbs up on the roof. He noticed a loose nail under a shingle in the area of the leak, which was causing the shingle to be raised up a bit. He removed the nail, put some kind of caulking compound under the shingle, and pressed it back down. Hopefully that will fix the leak... I'll find out the next good rain we have I guess.

On the good side, he didn't charge for what he did, although I felt obligated to give him $10 for his gas out here....
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