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Yes, I'm a bit of a procrastinator...

My mom has said many times that her co-workers at the post office have been wanting to see Andrew, and they ask if she has a picture. Well, I've taken numerous digital pictures of him since he's been here, just never done anything with them except post them online, and put them on a CD, which is all I've done with every digital picture I've taken with this camera since buying it in 2001, except for a very random few that I would print out with my cheap HP printer onto photo paper (and watch that expensive ink disappear right before my eyes!). Well, for the first time, I took a CD up to a Fuji kiosk at Wally World, selected 5 pictures, ordered two prints of each, and got a receipt stating they'd be ready to pick up today.

While out putting in for a job for a janitorial position at the school board earlier, I ran by Wally World and picked them up. I was really amazed at the clarity! The ones I printed on my printer were a bit washed out and grainy. Matter of fact, these look better than all the ones I took over the years with my film cameras! At only 15¢ a print, I think I need to get more prints done...
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