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Disipline 101

Got a call from the school today. Apparently Andrew brought that picture of his girlfriend to school with him today, was paying more attention to it than his classwork, and got it taken from him, which resulted in a rather violent tantrum. He also busted a crayon box, which I may have to wind up replacing. The special ed councellor said she made him stay in her office during lunch, and he threw his bookbag at her, and scribbled on her desk.

Apparently that psychiatrist he saw recently didn't have a clue... if any more disipline problems happen with him, I'm scheduling another appointment. In the meantime, his VCR, radio, tape player, and satellite receiver have been relocated to a closet at my mom's house for ONE MONTH. That is the amount of time I'm giving him to "straighten his act up"... if it doesn't improve, he gets none of those things back till next summer. Also, I'm getting ready to call Larry and tell him to come pick up that 4-wheeler he bought for Andrew.
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