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School and Rocky Roads

Got Andrew started in school yesterday during the Parent/Student orientation at Riser Middle School. He's not real keen that they put him in sixth grade "special ed", even though, according to his records from Southeastern in Baton Rouge, that was the kind of class he was in there. He's a bright kid, but even my mom and I found out shortly after he got here, that he can't write cursive, only print, and not good print at that. The teacher and the assistants said however, that if he does well, they may put him in a regular sixth grade class. I made sure he caught the bus this morning. It arrived about 7:10am. Filled out some paperwork pertaining to the school lunch program, some free health care at the Glenwood Clinic on the Riser campus, and his authorization to ride the school bus, and sent it along with him this morning.

In other news, the parish highway department has totally lost their brains! We had a nice, smoothly paved road here in front of the house. Then, two days ago, they come out here, pour a thin layer of tar on it, then on top of that, put a layer of some kind of gravel crap! Everyone has been having to drive really slow, to keep from slinging that mess everywhere!

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