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Being a little lazy this morning. Spent yesterday taking my mom to her personal physician as the doctor at the emergency room suggested the other night. Her doctor noticed she had some fluid build-up in both her ears, and listened to her neck with a stethoscope. She said that an artery in moms neck sounded like it might have a tiny blockage, and scheduled her for an appointment with another doctor this afternoon at 1:30pm to have an ultrasound run on it, just to be on the safe side. She was prescribed two more medicines besides the anti-dizziness one the emergency room doc prescribed... an antibiotic and a steroid nasal spray.

Later yesterday afternoon, got a call from Walgreens to go for a drug screening. Their new store opens in a couple of weeks... hopefully this is a good sign on the job front!

Andrew is at the Boys & Girls Club at the moment, for his last day there this summer, since school begins Tuesday. He said he and his girlfriend "broke up" already, but didn't go into detail about why.
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