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Sick Mom, School Enrollment Hassles...

My mom went to the emergency room around 1:30am last night. She had to drag herself to the phone. They ran all kinds of tests, and determined she is suffering from an inner-ear problem. They gave her a prescription for some pills, sent her home, and told her to follow up in a couple of days with her regular doctor. She seems to be doing better now, mainly sleeping a lot. She called in for the remainder of the week at her job.

I went by Riser Middle School this morning, since I hadn't heard anything else about Andrew's enrollment yet (school starts next Tuesday). I talked to the councelor, and she said they still hadn't received his records from his previous school in Baton Rouge, they were saying down there that they needed his moms approval to release the records to a new school, since she was the only one listed on their computers as a guardian. The lady at Riser gave me the phone number to the school and I called them, explaining the situation (and running up my phone bill with a long distance call... something I rarely do). They said to have Riser fax them a request form (which the lady at Riser said they last did Monday), and they would go ahead and fax his records up here. The Riser councelor said if by chance they didn't get his records, she would go ahead and list him as "homeless" (which he definitely isn't and will never be as long as I have anything to do with it) and enroll him in sixth grade that way.

Also, yesterday evening, I did a bit of editing on the website. I increased the size of my webcam picture uploads from 320x240 to 352x288. Might take longer for the refresh to load for those with dial-up, but I know very few people that still have dial-up.

Yes, I've had an "adventure" packed day today!

P.S. Anyone have some rain I can "borrow"?
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