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If it weren't for bad luck...

Welp... didn't get the job at Basic. They were hiring for their call center, and one main requirement was to be able to type at least 40 words a minute... and I flunked that requirement. Guess I shoulda learned to "really" type, not this fast one-fingered method I taught myself way back when I was young using my mom's old Underwood manual typewriter.

In other news, when I picked my son up today from the Boys & Girls Club, he announced that he has a "girlfriend". Haven't inquired yet whether he means "girlfriend" in the literal sense, or just a friend that's a girl. This morning, he asked since I usually don't job search on Fridays (most places are too busy to bother with you that day), if he could stay home with me instead of going to the club. Well, he announced this afternoon that he told her he'd see her there tomorrow, so he now wants to go. Go figure...
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