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Gotta try another punishment I guess

The big list I made for my son to follow daily doesn't seem to be having the desired effect. Apparently he doesn't care as much about not being able to use his 4-wheeler than I thought. He's violated so many things on that list, and I've added so many days on to his "grounding" to not use it, that he's already up to September 2 to be banned from using it. Thinking I'll give him till the end of the week to stop leaving stuff laying around, etc, and if he still violates the reminder list posted in his room, I'm taking the GameCube out of his room, and it will be off-limits also for the same amount of time. I found an empty plate UNDER his bed this morning, right beside an empty string cheese wrapper!

In other news, I'm heading out the door to go to "Ouachita One-Stop" to pick up an "enterprise zone certificate" (whatever that is) that I need to bring with me to a job interview tomorrow afternoon at Basic. The woman that called me yesterday about the interview told me to "dress professional", because they look at stuff like that. Hopefully a pair of khaki pants and a shirt will be "professional" enough, that's the fanciest clothing I own, and can't afford to just buy clothing for a job I might not even get...
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