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Another Update

Just got off the phone with a woman at Child Protective Services. Gave her all the details concerning Andrew, the apparent abandonment by the ex,and his visit with the psychiatrist yesterday. Informed them that I signed a release form at Monroe Regional Mental Health so they can obtain his records for review. The woman wasn't sure they could classify it as "abandonment" though, because I went to pick him up. My first thought about that was "WTF??", but I kept quiet. She also said she wasn't sure how much they could accomplish, since I live here in West Monroe, and the ex is around 250 miles away in Baton Rouge. That gave me another "WTF??" moment, since they are a STATE agency, and both cities are in the same state. She said I might need an attorney to gain full custody. If that's the case, I'll have to find a state appointed one, since I don't have nowhere near the amount of money an attorney would charge for something like that.

Anyway, she said she would obtain Andrew's records, contact a few people, and let me know something in a few days. At least she was familiar with the doctors name at Monroe Regional Mental Health.
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