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I'm A Bit Felix Unger, My Son's A Bit Oscar Madison...

Apparently my ex-wife never taught my son any responsibility all the time he was with her. Since he's been here, he's been extremely sloppy and messy. I've gotten near the breaking point having to constantly pick up behind him, so starting today, he has an ultimatum. Since he likes his 4-wheeler so much, and is currently grounded from it until Saturday because I caught him on the road with it the other day, I figured this would be a good time to draw up a list of routines he has to be sure to follow daily, if he doesn't, I tack another day onto the length of time he can't use the 4-wheeler for each offense. I wrote up the list, with a reminder at the bottom what happens if he doesn't follow the items on the list, and taped it to the wall in his room right next to the light switch. The list goes as follows:

1.) Put your things in a certain place, so you will know where they are. This does NOT mean throwing them on the bed or the floor. That way you won't constantly lose things.

2.) Trash (empty bags, containers, wrappers, etc.) goes in the GARBAGE CAN, NOT on the floor, bed, or table.

3.) Dishes go back in the KITCHEN after being used. NOT on the bed, floor, or tables. This also applies to half-eaten bags of chips or other snacks.

4.) Dirty clothes go in the clothes hamper in the bathroom, NOT on the floor or the bed.

5.) Video games go back in their original boxes when not in use. NOT on the floor where the discs will get all scratched up. If the games are caught lying loose on the floor, I will NOT buy you any more games.

6.) Put your videotapes you aren't using back in the drawer where you keep them, NOT scattered all over the floor. If this rule isn't followed, the VCR WILL be removed from your room.

*7.) The television volume is NOT to be turned up extremely loud. This could possibly damage the speakers, then you will have a TV with no sound. I will not get that one fixed or replaced.

8.) You must take a shower and brush your teeth at least EVERY night, no arguements.

I think I covered all the annoyances with those eight items. He's 12 years old, nearly 13, so he should be developing some responsibility. I was never as messy as he was when I was around that age, or so my mom says (I can't remember back to the stone age). If he doesn't follow those rules on a regular basis, he might not get his 4-wheeler key back until the year 2020...

* = Think I might have solved that problem for a while. When he was at the Boy's Club today, I "locked out" nearly all the audio only music channels on the satellite receiver, which were the only ones he cranked the volume up rediculously on, mostly the crap rap stations. Only music station I left on there was the "All Elvis" channel. :-P
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