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Just an update to a post I made on July 12th... When we finally got around to seeing a doctor at Conway the following morning, the doctor we saw said she wouldn't be authorized to refill medicines for "behavioral problems", a therapist would have to do that. Andrew's not scheduled to see the therapist at the Monroe Mental Health Clinic for the first time until July 26th. So, that evening, he took the last of his prescribed medicine. It's been a little over a week now that he has been without the medicines, and neither my mom or I have noticed any difference whatsoever in his behavior. He's just a normal 12 year old kid. As a result, we are really starting to wonder if he actually needed to be taking those medicines in the first place...

In other news, I took and passed a "skills assessment" test to work at Walgreens. My application is good for the three closest locations, the one in Monroe, the one at the end of Thomas Road, and the new one opening soon at the end of Well Road. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

I think we might be about to get some much needed rain in the next few minutes, it's cloudy outside, and I hear thunder.
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