Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
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I was reading a thread about what people do for shortcuts when they are lazy. A comment by Farker aphexcoil3 nearly made me spit coffee all over my keyboard... funniest thing I've read in ages...

"Oh another true story:

I was once too lazy to buy condoms and, at the time I was in a rut and only banging upper-class sluts that required the use of a condom. I found some thin old kid's balloons that worked suprisingly well save for the lack of lubrication.

On the downside, I learned the hard way one night that you can't use Icey Hot for lubrication. There is nothing more amusing than a naked chick screaming and clawing for you while chasing you around the room with a kid's balloon half stuck in her cootie."
Tags: humor

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