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Not Much Happenin' Today

I'd rather be working somewhere, but since none of the over 30 places I've applied at locally has called, I'm sitting here in front of the computer deciding where else to apply starting Monday. Would help I guess if I had some kind of training for something... seriously thinking of looking into it soon if no one hires me, because it seems the only places that are hiring locally at the moment require some kind of "skill".

Around 1pm (central time) I'll start listening to the live online stream of Leo Laporte's technology radio show till about 4pm.

Andrew has went up the road to his friends house for a few hours. He'll need to get back here by at least 4:30pm, to shower, change clothes, and get ready to go with my mom and I to a surprise birthday party for my Aunt Traudl at Catfish Cabin this evening (I'm fairly certain my aunt doesn't read this journal... don't even think she has a 'puter). She'll be turning 80. I'll probably be seeing cousins and other relatives tonight I haven't seen in over a decade. Here is the most recent picture I have of her (far right), with my mom (far left), and Yakov Smirnoff (center)...

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