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A Day In Review

Just applied for a janitorial position at St. Francis North Hospital, and positions at the Monroe Freds, Brookshires, and Super 1. Came home to grab a bite to eat, then after I finish stuffin' my face, going to see if the West Monroe Walgreens will be taking applications for the new one they're building at the end of Well Road (want my name in early), followed by applying at both Mac's Fresh Market locations on this side of the river. Around 4pm, I'll go pick Andrew up from the Boy's Club, and maybe stop by somewhere and get a maximum of 3 "Powerball" lottery quick-picks.

Think I'll be going to bed early tonight. Gotta take my son back over to Conway Hospital in the morning (the earlier the better, since he has no appointment). He's not sick, but the medications he's taking for the behavioral stuff run out tomorrow night, and we need to see about getting them refilled, at least just long enough to last until his screening at the Monroe Behavioral Health Clinic on the 26th of this month. The doctors at Conway said he didn't need to suddenly stop taking one of them, the Depecot, which is an anti-seizure medication. Neither my mom or I have actually seen him have any "seizures" since he's been here, but then again, he hasn't been off the medicine since he's been here. Already feeling groggy though, got woke up a little after 3am last night by a wrong number, and never really got back to sleep before getting out of bed at 6am. At least I'm guessing it was a wrong number.... couldn't really understand what the guy was saying, and wasn't sure if it was because I was in a daze from being awoken from a sound sleep, or the guy just wasn't talking plainly. Looked at the caller-ID this morning, and under the name, was the oddest name I've ever seen, "Prime, Time". It was a local number though. Ringer is being shut off tonight as a result...
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