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Beware Joining MySpace, They Don't Let You Leave!

It appears, that if you start a MySpace page, then decide you no longer want it, and try to cancel your account, they completely ignore you. I've hit the "Cancel Account" link at LEAST 20 times, never gotten the confirmation email they are supposed to send (yes, I've checked my "Spam" folder, it ain't there either). Also, I've emailed support 6 times in the past couple of weeks, no reply from that either. I've tried deleting all my MySpace friends, user pics, and numerous blog posts also, to no avail. Four main reasons I want to drop it are: some pages crash my browser, continuous "spam" friend ads, I really don't have time now to keep up with three blogs, and one annoying person who pissed me off there recently (the story was posted on my journal here earlier in a "Friends Only" post). So, my determination is, to keep their advertisers, they don't cancel accounts (much like AOL), and if you think you may not want a MySpace page later, your best bet is to not start one in the first place!
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