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Just got finished editing a few links on my Cheap Home Page to reflect a slight change that will soon be effective on my Online Radio Station[TRS Jukebox:Hit Songs]. If anyone out there occassionally listens to this station, through anything other than the proprietory Live365 player(like me, I use Winamp), RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc., you will need to change the URL in your player from "" TO "". In other words, just replace the word "stations" with the word "play".

I just received this information a few minutes ago in another email from Live365. They are switching to new servers, I'm assuming that's why the change in URL. Original text of email:
"If your listeners access your stream through a bookmark
in a third party player like Winamp or iTunes, they'll
need to update their bookmarks from the old IP address
to the new Station address:

where "your-station-id-number" refers to the number at the
end of your Station Page URL.

So if your station page URL is

your station's address is now:

****NOTE: We recommend you use this address, instead of IP,
since this is a dedicated address to your station.

If your listeners access your stream via Player365 or the
Live365 directory, they'll be automatically redirected.

It's only bookmarks in third party players that are affected."

I think the old link may work at least until the end of the month, but the new settings are already effective!

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