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I'm A Smeghead...

Even though I technically can't afford it in my current state, I went ahead yesterday and ordered series 8 (the final one) of "Red Dwarf" from The urge of NOT having it was poking me in the ribs (since I have the previous 7). I used to buy new British comedy DVDs I like from the local Suncoast store, but since they shut down, I figured Amazon would be the next best option. You just aren't gonna find DVDs like those at the other two main places left in town to buy them, Wal-Mart and Target. And after "next day shipping" (should get here sometime today), I paid about what I would have paid after tax would be added at Suncoast, had they still been open...

Andrew has become friends with a boy that lives just up the road from us. The boy is a couple of years older than Andrew, but seems a nice enough kid. Looks a bit "nerdy"... skinny with thick glasses... kind of like "Eugene" from the movie "Grease". Met his dad yesterday, he seems an easy to get along with guy also.

Mom's water next door wasn't working when she got home late yesterday. Discovered she had a MAJOR leak at the water meter. Unfortunately, the leak was on "her side" of the meter, so she had to call a plumber. Turns out there was a large hole rusted through the part that connected the outgoing pipe to her trailer at the meter. My dad had done most of the plumbing originally in 1986 that lead from the meter to the trailer, and, as he did with the plumbing in the house (which has been repaired for various things by plumbers since he passed away in 1991), he used "cheap parts", in other words, he used things he had "lying around" instead of buying the proper stuff. My shower at the house here had to be redone about three years ago, because he had it hooked up with plastic pipes and rust-prone metal connectors. When the plumbers re-did my shower stuff, they used ALL copper. Even noticed a big increase in water pressure after that. Anywho... after $142.50 for labor, and $16.50 for parts, her bill yesterday came to $159.00. Seems HER water pressure throughout her place is now higher than before.

Takin' a break from the job search today, been out every day this week. While Andrew is at the Boy's Club next week, I'll start up again. Fridays, I discovered last time I was out of work, are a bad day to go into places asking for applications. Businesses are extremely busy on weekends...

PLUG: Anyone living in the same area I do that might be reading this, I HIGHLY recommend "Bastoe Plumbing". My mom and I have been using them for years, and never had any problems.
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