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Still no word yet on my long-term Wal-Mart status. We completed cleaning and painting all the shelving they need in the store yesterday afternoon (I think) and started tossing all the shelving and fixtures that were left over in the three dumpsters outside the loading dock doors. We filled them all up before leaving the old KMart building yesterday, but still have a ton of stuff to throw out. Hopefully, the two companies that own the dumpsters will come empty them by the time we get back over there today, so we can continue cleaning out the place.

I've got a huge shooting pain in the back of my left hand every time I try to grip something. Not sure what's causing it. Almost dropped a cup of coffee this morning because of it. Think it might be the result of the repetitive motions I go through with those shelves at work.

In other news, Andrew has been actively playing with the GameCube I pretty much "abandoned" over two years ago, after not being able to get past the third level in "Metroid Prime". He started the game from scratch, and is having trouble defeating the big monster in the sunroom of the Chozo Ruins. It took me ages to defeat that thing when I was playing, but Andrew wants me to help him defeat it when I get time (probably this weekend). Heck, I can't even remember which buttons on the controller control what after all this time!

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