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Fight Day?

Is Wednesday "Fight Day" or sumptin'? At work yesterday, two of the guys over at the "warehouse" almost got into a fist fight, but Quincy (not the M.E.) stepped in and stopped it. The guys just stayed their distance from one another the remainder of the day. I heard the boss wants to talk to them today about it. Not sure what it was about, but one of the guys, Marcus, is always trying to start up something with people, and he has caused one person to quit already. Surprised they haven't let him go already.

Later, when I got home, I found out from mom that Andrew got in a fight with another boy at the Boy's Club. He said the other boy was calling him names. Andrew also apparently threw the boys video game on the floor. I told him if he keeps that up, they may ban him from the Club. I forgot to remind him yesterday morning to take his medicine before we left for Aunt Mary's, not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. Today on my lunch break, I have to call the place that "Lillian Louise Behavioral Health" suggested I get him signed up with over in Monroe. Mom has been trying to get him signed up for twice weekly sessions, but they say they need my signature on some papers, and the way I'm working (Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm or later) it might be nearly impossible for me to get over there to sign them. I wouldn't have the time to get over there and back on my hour break, and I'm not wanting to take time off this soon into my employment, wanting to make a good impression so hopefully Wal-Mart will keep me on as a permenant employee.

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