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Clean House!

Over the weekend, the interior of the house went from "dust and dirt everywhere" to "as clean as it's gonna get". Saturday, we started on the kitchen (even mom came over and helped on that end). Washed all the dirty dishes, scrubbed the counters (the ones around the stove required "SOS™ pads" because of the sticky residue I had let form there the last year or so), cleaned off and dusted both dining room tables, and washed the outside of the fridge. Also, I scrubbed the tub/shower thoroughly with "Easy Off™ Bam", using sponges and "ScotchBrite™" pads.

Sunday, Andrew and I dusted the furniture with some "Anti-Allergen Pledge™" I found at Wal-Mart (figured if it's "anti-allergen" it might help with his asthma) then we swept and mopped all the floors in the house. He wanted to do the mopping, and knew how to put new pads on and use the "Clorox™ Ready-Mop" already, since he said he had seen TV commercials for them. Also washed all the throw rugs in the house.

Afterwards, mom took him down the road to meet my Aunt Mary, who will be watching him at least some of the time while mom and I are at work. I drop him off there in the mornings on the way to work, Aunt Mary drives him to the Boys Club at 7:30am, and between me and my mom (whichever gets off work earliest), we pick him up from the Boys Club in the afternoons, hopefully before 5:30pm (they charge extra after that time). Aunt Mary let him borrow a "GameBoy Advance™" and three games.

I then took him to Wal-Mart. He said the other boys at the Boys Club had swimming masks, and he wanted one. Earlier, he saw me using deodorant, and wanted some of his own, so I got him a can of "Axe™ Body Spray". In all, a busy weekend... now getting prepared for a busy week at work. Should know in a couple of weeks or so if Wal-Mart is keeping me on regular after the remodel or not, since the remodel is starting to "wind down". Andrew said he hopes they don't, but I tried explaining to him that I NEED to work, in order to pay bills, buy food, and try to get him some of the things he needs and wants. At Wal-Mart yesterday, he saw some toy cars he liked, but after paying bills Thursday, I didn't have any money to spare to buy him one. The swimming mask and deodorant was all I could afford to get him at the moment. Mom still says she is going to try to get him a bicycle soon though.

This post was sponsored by the letter "C™", for "clean house"...

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