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If Wal-Mart is still as picky about overtime as they were two Fridays ago, I'll probably get off work before 2pm this afternoon. If not, or they don't notice, I'll have about 2½ hours overtime for the week...

Andrew will have to eat breakfast next door at mom's until after next payday. When I did my grocery shopping on Thursday of last week to last till next payday, I only bought food for me, not knowing he would be here, and I never eat breakfast. Currently flat broke...

I REALLY need to wash my dishes and clean the bathtub, both are filthy, but I haven't had the time (been busy after work with Andrew) or the energy (been too tired after getting home... I'm in the heat most of the day at work).

Gotta remember to ask mom if she asked the ex-tramp about Andrew's school records when she asked about the birth certificate, social security card, and Medicaid card....

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