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Too Early...Lost Baggage...Sam's Club

Woke up this morning around 4:15am, 45 minutes before my clock was set to go off. Guess because I got sleepy rather early yesterday, and dozed off around 6pm... I'm gonna be rather tired by the time 4pm at work rolls around today...

If I have enough to spare this payday after buying food and paying bills, I need to try and get a couple of new pairs of pants (something not too expensive since I'll be working in them) and a new belt. I've been losing some baggage around my waist since starting at Wal-Mart, and I keep having to pull up my current pants, they've gotten so loose.

I'm assuming my "Sam's Club" card is in. I got an email Saturday from them with a customer satisfaction survey attached, even though I've never shopped there (did give them my email address however on the form I filled out for the card at my Wal-Mart orientation). I just need to get my posterior over to the Monroe "Sam's" to pick it up. Will probably go over there Friday after work... or Saturday on my off day...

One advantage to waking so early... I might be able to finish a whole pot of coffee before leaving for work for a change...

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